aiyooo, the title is english maaa, so i need to talk english lorr... (mcm cine kg. pulak), huh, penatnyeeeee....lega dpt lepak kat umah setelah berhempas pulas ulang alik ke hospital muar,opss pakar muar...tapi ayat ni patut ditujukan buat ibu zarif, sbbnya ibulah yang berhempas badan dn pale utk menjaga zarif di hospital..abah bagi kredit kat ibu, bagi rakan zarif yang belom tau, tanggal 28hb julai yang lalu, zarif telah dimasukkan ke hospital pakar sultanah Fatimah, muar utk menjalani rawatan dan pembedahan orchiopexy..pastu alang2 dah masuk tu, abah sarankan zarif disunatkan sekali.Pada hari tersebut, ayah de zarif ngan tok mi pun ade menemani zarif.berikut sequel kejadian:

Hari pertama (28.07.2010)

abah dan ibu telah mendaftarkan zarif di hospital pada jam 11.45pagi, dan zarif telah ditempatkan di wad 15, katil no 8.Pada hari pertama, zarif hanya cuma diambil darah dan dimasukkan external tiub di sebelah tangan kanan.Hari tu kan zarif mmg ceria habisla, masa nak cucuk tiub tu pun siap senyum je n tak menangis, cuma kali ketiga sbb tak masuk2 jarum tiub tu baru la zarif melalak, selebihnya di katil zarif byk gelak,ceria,bermain ngan kawan sebelah zarif....petangnya abah dimaklumkan oleh ibu yang zarif akan di operate esok pagi pada jam 7.30pagi....pastu abah,ayah de dan tok mi pulang ke tangkak.On the way to tangkak, singgah taman muhibbah, ade pasar malam tepi jalan,sbb dah penat satu hari tuh, abah ckp ngan tok mi, kita makan bungkus je la, selesai urusan pasar malam..kitowang pun balik.huh penattnyeee, lega smpi umah.......pas mkn, solat isya...last b4 tido, abah as usual layan farmville, tup2 kul 11mlm mate dah kuyu...booommmm tido terus......


Hari kedua (29.07.2010)

penat smlm masih terasa pagi ni.actually smlm tido tak brp tenang.sbb duk fikirkan zarif yang nak kene operate kul 7.30pagi ni,abah terbgn awal, sbb hati tak tenang, so pas solat subuh,abah bace yassin n mendoakan keselamatan dan kelancaran operation zarif pagi ni...kul 7pagi, ibu sms zarif dah tukar baju bedah..huh,berdegup jantung abah ni.berdebar2 rasanya...bila tgk mms yang ibu send kat abah, abah tgk eaaahh, nak bedah pun ceria agi,tergelak sketike dlm hati, tok umi n ayah de pun gelak duk tgk pic mms tu.dlm kul 8pagi, new info yang zarif belom lagi masuk bilik bedah,so abah,tok mi n ayah de smpi hospital muar pada jam 9.20pagi.dan waktu itulah zarif telah di masukkan ke dlm bilik connection ibu n abah pun terputus.abah,tok mi n ayah de menunggu dgn sabar n bedebar2 di luar bilik bedah....ibu citer, masa zarif diusung dari wad ke operation theater, mulut zarif bising la bercakap2..dalam dewan bedah pun coce-coce lagi mulut sambil main belon masa tunggu turn..tak nangis sikit pun.on da way nk masuk bilik bedah tu boleh bergambar dengan wat peace and good sign lagi..tapi gambar tu bukan ibu yang amik tapi doktor yang amik..zarif start menangis bila kene cucuk belakang (bius)..pastu zarif ditidurkan n ibu cium zarif then ibu kene tunggu kat luar..masa ibu cium zarif tu bergenang air mata ibu..n disebabkan zarif sangat baik n happy, doktor mintak kebenaran ibu untuk jadikan gambar2 zarif tu as a learning purpose for doktor2 baru kot..around kul 11 pagi ibu call abah tapi tak sempat angkat sebab ibu berkejar ke katil zarif yg baru kuar dari bilik bedah. Abah tak tau camne keadaan zarif sebab cuma ibu yg dibenarkan dalam dewan bedah tu..ibu citer lagi, zarif menangis sambil pejam mata mintak dukung..zarif tengah mamai2 time tu..zarif tak nak langsung baring atas bed n tak nak selimut langsung..kalau ikut pengalaman ibu n abah yg penah jugak masuk OT, pas operation sangat2 sejuk..tapi zarif langsung taknak selimut..agaknya zarif trauma..ngn selimut n bed tu.. terpaksa la ibu dukung zarif sambil doktor halakan oksigen ke hidung zarif..45 minit jugak la ibu bergelut ngn zarif sampai kebas tangan ibu n sengal belakang..16 kg for 45 mins while struggling to comfort him..huh..just imagine..




Takut plak ibu baca artikel ni..kalu ikut kata doktor, cam simple je operation yang zarif kene wat..huhuhu..Ya ALLAH, permudahkanlah segala urusan berkaitan yang ini will be going through this in less than 2 weeks my dear.. 



If one or both of a boy's testicles fail to descend from the lower abdomen into the scrotum, the problem can be remedied by an operation called an orchiopexy (OR-kee-o-PEK-see). The testicles ordinarily fall into place before birth. They may still descend on their own before age 1. If they don't, the doctor will probably prescribe hormone shots. If they still refuse to descend, surgery is the next step.


If both testicles remain undescended, the boy may be sterile when he grows up, and may not develop normal male traits. A single unde__scended testicle increases the risk of testicular cancer later in life. All these risks can be avoided if the problem is corrected before age 3. Of course, the surgery poses risks of its own. The boy could suffer heavy bleeding or develop infection. However, doctors are alert for such dangers.


Before You Go

  • The Week Before Surgery:
  • You'll probably need to stop giving the boy ibuprofen; the doctor will tell you when. Also, never give aspirin to any child under 18. It can cause a serious neurological illness called Reye's syndrome if the child catches a virus. Ask the doctor about any otherover-the-counter medicines you've been giving the child.
  • Your doctor will tell you whether any blood needs to be drawn for preop tests.
  • The Night Before Surgery:
  • Your physician may suggest that you give the boy a sleeping pill.
  • Just before surgery, the child should not eat or drink anything (even water). Your doctor will tell you when the boy should start fasting.
  • Call Your Doctor If...
  • The boy has a cold or flu or is running a high temperature. The operation may need to be postponed.

When You Arrive

  • Check with your doctor before giving the child insulin or any other medication on the day of surgery.

What to Expect While You're There

You may encounter the following procedures and equipment during your son's stay:
  • Taking Vital Signs: These include your son's temperature, blood pressure, pulse (counting his heartbeats), and respirations (counting his breaths). A stethoscope is used to listen to his heart and lungs. His blood pressure is taken by wrapping a cuff around his arm.
  • Blood Tests: The doctor may need to have blood taken for tests. It can be drawn from a vein in the boy's hand or from the bend in the elbow. Several samples may be needed.
  • Chest X-ray: Doctors study this picture of the boy's lungs and heart for signs of infection, pneumonia, and other conditions that might interfere with the operation.
  • Heart Monitor: (Also called anelectrocardiogram [e-LEK-tro-KAR-di-o-gram] or EKG). Typically, three to five sticky pads are placed on different parts of the boy's body. Each pad has a wire that is hooked to a TV-type screen or to a small portable box (telemetry unit) that shows a tracing of each heartbeat.
  • IV: A tube placed in the boy's vein for giving medicine or liquids. It will be capped or have tubing connected to it.
  • Pulse Oximeter: With a little clip connected to his ear, finger, or toe, this machine measures the oxygen in your boy's blood.
  • General Anesthesia: For this operation, the boy needs to be put completely to sleep. The anesthesia will be given either as a liquid in the child's IV or as a gas through a face mask or an endotracheal (END-o-TRA-kee-ull) tube placed in his mouth and throat.

During Surgery

The doctor makes incisions in the boy's groin and scrotum. Each testicle is then pulled down into the scrotum through an opening called the inguinal (IN-gwih-null) canal. The incisions are usually closed with thread that the body eventually absorbs.

After Surgery

The boy should not get out of bed until doctors give the OK. If he's in a crib, keep the side rails up at all times for safety. The incisions will be covered with bandages to keep them clean and dry. A doctor may remove them briefly soon after surgery to check the stitches.
  • Ice: For pain or swelling, you may put ice in a plastic bag, cover it with a towel, and place it over the surgery area for 15 to 20 minutes out of every hour as long as necessary. Do not let the boy sleep on the ice pack. Treatment with ice is most effective when started right after surgery and used for 24 to 48 hours.
  • Heat: After the first 24 to 48 hours you may use heat for pain or swelling. Use a heating pad (turned on low) or a hot water bottle, or put the boy in a warm water bath for 15 to 20 minutes out of every hour as long as needed. Do not let him sleep on the heating pad or hot water bottle. Heat brings blood to the area of the surgery and helps it heal faster.
  • Activity: The boy will need to rest in bed for a while. But even while he's confined to bed, it's important to have him exercise his legs in order to stop blood clots from forming. Tell him to lift one leg off the bed and draw big circles with his toes, then repeat with the other leg. You can also let him lie on his side and pretend to pedal a bike. When you're told it's OK for him to get out of bed, make sure someone is with you the first time he tries. If he feels weak or dizzy, have him sit or lie down right away. Eating: You can begin feeding the youngster as soon as the doctor hears bowel sounds (stomach growling) through a stethoscope. Start with ice chips, then add liquids (water, broth, apple juice, or 7-up). If he has no problems after drinking liquids, he'll be allowed to eat soft foods such as ice cream, applesauce, or custard. If he does well with soft food, he can resume his regular diet.
  • Strict Intake or Output: Your doctor may need to know the amount of liquid your boy is taking in versus the amount he loses in his urine. This is often called "I&O." Try to keep track of how much the boy drinks. Check with a nurse before flushing urine down the toilet or disposing of the boy's diapers.
  • Medicines:
  • Antibiotics: These medicines may be prescribed to prevent a bacterial infection. They can be given by IV, as a shot, or by mouth.
  • Pain Medicine: Your doctor can prescribe pain-killers to be given in your boy's IV, as a shot, or by mouth. Tell your doctor or nurses if the pain doesn't seem to go away, or if it comes back.
  • Anti-Nausea Medicine: Because pain medicine sometimes upsets the stomach, your doctor may prescribe additional medicine to calm your son's stomach and control vomiting.

After You Leave

  • Always give medicine exactly as directed. If it doesn't seem to help, let the doctor know, but keep giving it until told otherwise. If the boy has been prescribed antibiotics, be sure to use them up, even if he's feeling better.
  • When your doctor says it's alright to bathe the boy, carefully wash the incisions with soap and water. Afterwards put on a clean, new bandage. Change the bandage any time it gets wet or dirty.
  • If the boy has steristrips (thin strips of tape) over the incision, keep them clean and dry. As they start to peel off, let them fall off by themselves. Don't pull them off.
  • Urination should not hurt the youngster. If you think it's causing the boy pain, call the doctor.
  • Children usually get better quickly after surgery. Let your child rest as much as needed. He may return to normal activity when he seems ready. Once he feels better, he can do all the things he normally does every day. Lifting things should not damage the stitches.

Call Your Doctor If...

  • The boy's stitches are swollen or red, or you see pus coming out of them. They may be infected.
  • The stitches come apart.
  • The bandage becomes soaked with blood.
  • The boy develops a high temperature.
  • He is fussy or crying a lot.
  • His pain won't go away or seems to be getting worse.

A day after Zarif’s birthday aritu, ibu n abah bawak la Zarif melawat kedai kek, kunun2 nk celebrate 3 beranak ni je laa..malas nk celebrate panggil kengkawan Zarif bagai kan..ibu tak rajin la nk prepare food n then kemas umah before and after..lagipun Zarif bukannya ngerti pape kan (hehe..alasan seorang ibu yg telah sengkek kerana banyak order baju2 n kasut zarif online serta baru je beli baju kurung berpasang2 + baju melayu,huahua..)

hmm..yang zarif tau cuma la excited nk tiup lilin ngn amik patung doraemon ngn spiderman kt atas kek tu je..tak sempat2 smpi umah nk kek sebab nk patung kecik tu…beli kek pun kecik aje..tu pun sampai arini ada lagi lam fridge tu..petang nih dah nk balik Seremban..alamatnya sampai minggu depan la kek tu bertapa lam fridge tuh..hihihi..

k la, just enjoice the pics okay..seharusnya gambar dia je la..



sesi tiup2 lilin..before light up the candles sempat lagi dia gigit candles tu ingatkan coklat agaknya..huhu..

page1 bday

sesi makan2…untuk 3 beranak,yang abis cuma slice of swiss roll topped with spidey mini..yg astu lagi tu 1/8 je kot luak..we’re not into cake..


licin…satu part je..pastu cabut sume hiasan2 atas kek satu lagi, masuk lam fridge..

mini spidey n mini emon yang tersebut dibasuh, kemudian dicucuk pada pencil colour dan seterusnya ibu dipaksa oleh Zarif supaya mainkan untuk dia gelak2…(ini takde lam gambar ye..)

My sweet, wonderful and adorable son is turning two yesterday. And.. seriously turning into a little monster..I’m so proud of you. You are sweet and affectionate, as well as smart and observant…and growing so fast! Nothing more to say, just my prayer for you..
“Ya Allah, thank you for giving me a son. Thank you for blessing me with him. Please keep him safe and watch over every step he takes, guide him in the righteous way,to your straight path.. Let him grow into a wise, pious and intelligent man. Let him be a successful man in his life… And let his heart be always close to You as well as to me.."
my prayers for you will always be the same..
i want you to know that i will never love you any less no matter what the circumstances are…and i promise to love you unconditionally..well, all i do is the best i can do..
“May Allah bless us with happiness…” aktiviti dah sebulan yang lepas..baru nak tepek…huhuhu
2 Mei 2010 aritu, kami sekeluarga gi main2 air kat Gambang Resort. Dah sebulan baru nk tulis reviewnya…huhuhu..punya la malas…
On the way balik ke Tangkak pas cuti kt kampung, singgah la sana dulu..elok plak esoknya (Isnin) abah cuti..ibu memang still dalam, memang da plan pun..ajak jugak keluarga ibu ikut skali tapi diorang tak dapat ikut laa..lenkali la kita gi reramai..
sampai Gambang lam kul 12.30 tghari..of course la tak leh nk check in lagi, gi makan dulu..isi perut dulu kenyang2 baru best nk main air..then, heading to Carribean Bay Suites, cari surau, solat dulu n rest kejap kt lobby..around 2.15 pm, baru masuk waterpark..
Since tempat nih still lagi baru, so everything is nice laa..bersih dan selesa..n yang paling penting no attire code for us to be in the water..pakai la pape pun tak kisah..ibu selamber je masuk air ngn long blouse..tak sempat nk fikir la nk salin baju coz org sangat ramai beratur nak masuk changing room..belasah je la, lagipun Zarif dah tak sabar nk terjun dah bile nampak air…berendam la lam air tu sampai waterpark tu announce akan ditutup…hihihi…memang puas laa..main sumer benda yang ada kt situ..cuma zarif takde la main Crystal, Galaxy and Canopy slides yang adventerous tu..ibu n zarif tengok je laa..n sepanjang main air tu, kami tak beli makanan pun except aiskrim..memang sepanjang masa la duk lam air..yang Zarif paling suke Coco Beach ( yang ada ombak2) ngn Glacier River (Journey of Ice)…ala2 cam lazy ride gitu..
Gambar takde sangat coz amik gambar time memula masuk ngn nk balik simpan lam locker je..page1
kul 6 lebih baru check in..bilik agak besar..sangat selesa laa..zarif lam kete lagi dah tertidur..penat sangat agaknya..tapi dah sampai bilik, ibu letak atas katil, tetiba terjaga balik..melompat2 plak atas katil..malam kat cni ada jugak aktiviti yg bleh dibuat..ada family ride & play..bleh la main2 buang duit…
tapi malam tu lenguhnya amat2 la terasa..lama tak eksesais..ibu ngn abah masing lenguh2 badan..bergilir gilir la duk urut…nasib baik ada bawak minyak panas..zarif syok la..sebab sentiasa dipegang walaupun ada pelampung..agaknya takde la rasa lenguh2 kot..rileks je zarif terlompat2 lagi..pastu sibuk nk urut ibu ngn abah jugak..
Bilik ok laa walaupun kurang sejuk…soknya tepat2 kul 12 check out…balik tangkak resort…bleh la lenkali pegi lagi..

nothing to write coz Zarif demam lagi..risau jugak ni, asyik demam then surut kejap, demam balik, dah seminggu..tadi suhunya 39.3 degreeC..balik dr klinik,zarif macam dah tak larat nk bukak mata..since Zarif  tak suka tido dengan berbalut tuala basah, ibu basahkan aje baju yg zarif pakai tu..ok pulak dia..tak marah pun..agaknya dah tak larat sangat dah..tido je ngn baju basah camtu..kejam tak ibunya biarkan anak tido ngn baju basah..huhuh..pastu tempat tido lapik ngn rubber mat…lagi la sejuk..takpe yang penting suhu badan turun..kul 2.45 pagi(skang la…),suhu badan dah turun..hopefully takkan demam lagi..
sambil2 tengok suhu badan zarif, ibu tgk2 pics zarif yang berbagai2 gaya, ibu jumpe la yang masa gi putrajaya hot air balloon aritu.dah lama dah..tapi saje je sebab cik ngah belum tengok lagi gambar nih n for sure bile cik ngah tengok, gelak tak hengat la cik ngah zarif tuh..sebab dia suke gambar cenggini..tengok ek cik ngah…

bile disuruh buat muke geram...
waktu lam kete nk balik, ujan sangat lebat dan jem gile..tengah2 bosan tuh, suruh la zarif wat muka sambil sebut 'ggrrrrrr'...

Malam Khamis yang lepas Zarif ada demam n dekat perut zarif ada setompok merah2 cam gatal gitu..tapi ibu tatau pun itu petandanya first, ingatkan allergic sebab salah makan kt nursery ke..(kat umah zarif tak makan sangat selain roti kerim gardenia, takkan itu bleh jadi allergic kot)..tapi takde plak ibu tanya nurseri apa dia makan sebab sedarnya waktu nk mandi petang tu,m dah kat umah dah..Malam tu plak abah demam n batuk..Esoknya ibu tak hantar zarif ke nursery pun sebab abah MC, tak larat nak gi keje(demam, batuk, sakit kepala, sakit mata dan sakit telinga)..ibu plak takde kelas ari, pas punch in, ibu gi ngaji jap..(di Johor, ari jumaat wajib gi ngaji waktu pagi)..then, bawak abah gi klinik, zarif ibu tak antar pun ke klinik sebab ingatkan gatal2 biasa je..sikit je pun, demam pun tak kuat, since ubat demam ngn calamine losyen dah ada, so guna je la apa yang ada..Zarif demam sampai la ari sabtu..tapi tido takde masalah..ok je..sedap je zarif tido..
petang sabtu tu baru ibu perasan cam banyak je bintik2 merah n kecik kuar kat badan zarif..kirenya habis seluruh badan la..muke je belum kuar..ini sah dah campak nih..tapi nasib baik la zarif tak banyak hal sangat..cuma nk manja2 sket, petang tu, kuar gi beli kelapa muda nak bagi minum n mandikan zarif..sebab, tengok kt dalam buku petua dia cakap minum air kelapa muda campak akan keluar, tapi Tokmi cakap, buat dedua laa..pas dah mandikan, Alhamdulillah, malam tu dah surut demamnya.. Esoknya baru banyak kuar kuar seluruh badan..ari Isnin, sampai ke muka..tapi Alhamdulillah sekali lagi, pagi ni ibu tengok dah betul2 kurang dah bintik2 nya..
Tapi abah still tak sihat n ibu pun dah berjangkit sama...mood dalam umah very down..semua sakit..hope get well very soon, so up balik mood...
itu je la kot cerita pasal sakit..tak best la sakit2 nih..papai..

23hb April 2010
Zarif balik kampung jumpa Atuk, TokMi dan semua makciks Zarif.. Pakciks Zarif semuanya takde kt kampung, so takleh la jumpa kan...Zarif langsung tak tido lam kete all the way tu tp yang bagusnya takde plak zarif wat perangai..mulut je bising..ok gak, leh wat teman abah drive..Yang pastinya semua yang menanti kt umah pun tak tido n tak sabar2 nk jumpa zarif..memang dah lama tak balik Dungun..Zarif pun rindu jugak sebenarnya..zarif dah boleh sebut gelaran semua makciks n pakciks dengan betul..kalau tak, sebelum ni zarif cuma bleh sebut n kenal Cik Chik je..maklumla, Cik Chik la pengasuh dan penjaga zarif bile kat kampung..hihihi..ibu sememangnya rileks je la bile balik kampung..Zarif tido pun dengan Atuk n TokMi..

24 April 2010
Balik kali ni, Zarif langsung tak nak makan nasi selama seminggu..hmm..memang sejak akhir2 ni Zarif tak nak makan sangat kt umah,tapi klu kt kedai laju je..bile balik kampung, mane la sempat nk makan kt kedai kan..makan kt umah je la baru feel balik, sudahnya Zarif makan Nestum baby balik la plak..alkisahnya bermula bile Cik Ngah suap nestum Adam la..laju betul Zarif ngap..menyudu je mulut kt mangkuk..b4 diz, ibu tak pernah bli nestum pun after zarif start makan bubur..tak tau plak ibu zarif still lagi suka..hehehe..petang tu ibu terus la gi beli, tapi ibu beli yang stage 3 n 4 laa..

25 April 2010 - 2 April 2010
Abah dah kene balik Tangkak sebab abah keje tinggal la Zarif ngn ibu kat kampung..masa kt stesen bas, tak henti2 Zarif duk sebut perkataan bas tu..siap nk naik lagi tapi bile ibu bawak dekat bas konon2 cam naik, taknak plak..takut plak..kelakar la zarif nih..takut ngn bunyi enjin bas yang kuat..hihihi..
Hmm..cuti kali nih tak boleh jalan sangat sebab abah takde, Atuk n Cik Chik plak keje..petang baru balik..dah niat balik kampung nk rehat, so duk umah je laa..nasib baik kt Dungun ni sangat banyak tempat rekreasi + taman permainan..hampir tiap hari lah boleh gi main kt tempat yang berbeza..sepanjang pantai Teluk Lipat, dari tanjung sampai ke Teluk Gadung je dah ada 5 tempat. Kat Padang Merdeka lagi 1, kan dah 6 taman permainan yang besar2 dan happening semuanya (ni siap promote Dungun nih,heheh)..kalau dah bawak Zarif gi taman, memang susah nak balik laa..seronok sangat..lagi2 kalau kt depan sekolah yayasan..siap ada 'remote control car' race track n pocket bike track lagi..memang melalak la nk bawak balik umah..huhuhu...haru biru..
Kat umah Zarif sangat enjoy bile main dengan dua pupunya..tak ingat dunia la bile 2nd cousins dia datang..bile diorang nk balik, siap nangis lagi tak bagi balik lagi..umah sebelah je..ibu suh gi umah diorang zarif taknak..nk jugak diorang yang datang cni..kekadang malam2 pun panggil suh datang..
Satu lagi perangai Zarif yang agak pelik sekarang ni ialah nk ibu duduk or ada sebelah zarif sepanjang masa..agak menggugat kesabaran perangai camni..langsung takleh bergerak ke mana..tak jadi kerja la dibuatnya..pastu klu tak ikut melalaknya bukan main kuat...aduuhai...kalu kt Tangkak ni, ibu PAP betis sekali ngn tinggi suara, senyap laa sambil telungkup muka kt selimut..sangat la mengada-ngada kan...
Dan yang paling ibu heran, Zarif taknak langsung dipegang oleh atuk..nak main ngn atuk, tapi atuk takleh pegang, klu atuk pegang mesti nangis..tapi kalau atuk takde, mulut tak abis2 tanya mana atuk..asyik sebut atuk hilang la..kelakar laa..
Hari Ahad adalah hari terakhir Zarif di Dungun..papai sumer..Zarif kene bertolak awal sebabnya Zarif nk pegi main air kat Gambang Water Park..Ibu ajak jugak sumer pegi sana since Trg cuti ari Ahad tu, tapi sumer tak berkesempatan laa..nxt time la kita pegi ramai2 ek..tata...


huhu..Zarif nk bagitau awal2 laa...the next time for Zarif n family balik kampung is during Raya Puasa..lambatnya, cuti sekolah nnti, Atuk, Tokmi n Cik Chik datang la Tangkak ek..hehehe..datang tau!!

sekarang ni zarif nk drive kete sendiri..tapi kalau ngn ibu je..mesti tak nk bagi ibu duduk kt driver seat tu..zarif la tekan itu, tekan ini konon2 bukak lampu, aircond, radio la tu..aduhai...macam la gerak kete tu..kalau la diikutkan karenah zarif tu, berzaman la mesti tak sampai2 ke tempat yang, terpaksa la ibu struggle mengalihkan zarif ke seat sebelah dalam keadaan zarif meronta2 dan menjerit n menangis bagai..sori la zarif, ibu have to do that..hmm..kalau ada abah takde plak nk wat hal gitu..saje tau..

pastu zarif dah boleh sebut 'ibu' dengan betul sejak minggu lepas..kalau tak zarif panggil ibu as 'abu'..huhuhu..tu maksudnya ayah lam bahasa arab kalau zarif nk tau...

new sentence:  "aaiyok..tak tahu..dah hilang.." atau kadang2, aik, mane??da tak ada da...-->bile pape je la hilang di mata..

hmm..starting tomorrow, zarif akan dijaga oleh abah sepenuhnya selama seminggu..ibu ada keje kat KL..duk baik2 ngn abah ye..jangan wat perangai yang bukan2..tapi, kalau ngn abah selalunya zarif behave sesangat..ngn ibu je manja mengada ngada lebih kan...

hahaha..tajuknya kemain lagi..padahal lompat2, guling2, angkat kaki sket je…anyway, ibu tengok video ni memang kelakar..sebab bile tengok video ni, mesti teringat semua gaya zarif menari bile dengar music…layannn…

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